set or reset the print range for several sheets at a time?

how do you set or reset the print range for several sheets at a time?
mestrella1 (13)
1/10/2005 5:15:02 PM
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Manually I don't think it's possible to set more than one sheet's print area 
at a time.  Of course a macro can make this a lot quicker.

Jim Rech
Excel MVP
"Mestrella31" <> wrote in message
| how do you set or reset the print range for several sheets at a time? 

jrrech (1932)
1/10/2005 7:08:26 PM
Unfortunately setting the print area on grouped sheets is not an option
without using VBA.

Code from Bob Flanagan for setting same print area on grouped sheets.

NOTE: Set the print area on ActiveSheet then Group the sheets and run the

Note: after print area is set you will most likely have to re-group to set

Sub Set_Print_Area_On_All_Selected_Sheets()
   Dim tempS As String, oSheets As Object
   Dim curSheet As Worksheet, oSheet As Worksheet
   Dim iResponse

   Application.ScreenUpdating = False
   iResponse = MsgBox(prompt:= _
          "Select OK to set the print area on all " & _
          "selected sheets the same as the print " & _
          "area on this sheet.  If you have not selected " & _
          "any sheets, then all worksheets will be set.", _
   If iResponse = vbCancel Then End

   'store info
   tempS = ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea
   'set an object variable to refer to the sheets to be set
   If ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.Count = 1 Then
       'if no sheets selected, select all worksheets
       Set oSheets = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
       'set variable to select sheets
       Set oSheets = ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets
   End If

   'store the current sheet and then rotate through each
   'sheet and set the print area
   Set curSheet = ActiveSheet
   For Each oSheet In oSheets
      If oSheet.Type = xlWorksheet Then
         'set print area only if a worksheet
         oSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = tempS
      End If

   'return to the original worksheet

   MsgBox "All print areas on the selected sheets have " & _
          "been set to the same as this sheet."
End Sub

Gord Dibben Excel MVP


On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 09:15:02 -0800, "Mestrella31" <> wrote:

>how do you set or reset the print range for several sheets at a time?

1/10/2005 9:07:50 PM

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