Selecting data from a specific column

I have data in columns with month headers. I want to input a specific month 
and return data for each row. For example, in A1, I have selected "Feb" and 
want to return the data from column D. This will be 12 months so a nested IF 
statement does not work.

1	A	B	C	D	E
2	Feb	 Type 	 Jan 	 Feb 	 Mar 
3		 LR 	 87.55 	 126.77 	 111.63 
4		 PC 	 3.91 		
5		 RE 	 98.23 	 29.75 	
6		 SP 		 92.93 	

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


12/8/2009 5:20:01 PM
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In A2:

Copy down as needed.
Best Regards,

Luke M
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"Charp" wrote:

> I have data in columns with month headers. I want to input a specific month 
> and return data for each row. For example, in A1, I have selected "Feb" and 
> want to return the data from column D. This will be 12 months so a nested IF 
> statement does not work.
> 1	A	B	C	D	E
> 2	Feb	 Type 	 Jan 	 Feb 	 Mar 
> 3		 LR 	 87.55 	 126.77 	 111.63 
> 4		 PC 	 3.91 		
> 5		 RE 	 98.23 	 29.75 	
> 6		 SP 		 92.93 	
> Any help will be greatly appreciated!
> Charp
12/8/2009 5:29:01 PM

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