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I have a spreadsheet called 2003 that has data linked from monthly sheets during 2003. I am looking for a way of saving the spreadsheet with all the monthly data so that all the data will not be lost if any of the month sheets were deleted. In essence I do not want it to have links to other sheets any more but still show the data as if it did. 
Phew hope this is understood
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2/3/2004 4:11:11 PM
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> I have a spreadsheet called 2003 that has data linked from monthly sheets
during 2003. I am looking for a way of saving the spreadsheet with all the
monthly data so that all the data will not be lost if any of the month
sheets were deleted. In essence I do not want it to have links to other
sheets any more but still show the data as if it did.

Try this--
1. select the range of cells with the links
2. choose edit > copy
3. choose edit > paste special
4. select the values radio button
5. press OK

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