Saving Formatting in Pivot Tables

When I changed formatting in a pivot table, it returns to 
the default format when I make a change or close the 
file.  Generally, in formats like font size, column 
width, etc.  Is there a way to save/retain format changes 
in pivot tables?

Thank you.
7/28/2003 8:46:09 PM
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right click in the table and go to the bottom to 
select "table options".  It's there.
>-----Original Message-----
>When I changed formatting in a pivot table, it returns 
>the default format when I make a change or close the 
>file.  Generally, in formats like font size, column 
>width, etc.  Is there a way to save/retain format 
>in pivot tables?
>Thank you.
7/28/2003 9:05:56 PM

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