Running Totals for Pivot Tables


I have a pivot table with months across the top and 
version as the row:-

Version       Jul  Aug  Sept  Oct
1              1    4    7     10
2              2    5    8     11
3              3    6    9     12

Just wondered if it is possible to add cumulative totals 
to a pivot table? ie.

Version       Jul  Aug  Sept  Oct
1              1    4    7     10
2              2    5    8     11
3              3    6    9     12
Cumulative 1   1    5    12    22



anonymous (74722)
1/6/2004 7:47:23 AM
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Make your pivot table and then use menu Insert/Calculated Field.
You can now add a calculated field with a formula like :-
= Jul + Au

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1/7/2004 2:38:02 PM
Hi Brian,

Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure I understand your 
reply as when I add an extra field it just inserts it on 
to the end of the data. I need it to be underneath the 
data and as the formula is always changing ie = july under 
july then =aug+july under august is it possible to have 
just one field?



>-----Original Message-----
>Make your pivot table and then use menu Insert/Calculated 
>You can now add a calculated field with a formula like :-
>= Jul + Aug
>Message posted from
anonymous (74722)
1/8/2004 12:24:08 AM

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