Rows to Repeat on Top of everypage EXCEPT for two pages

I am publishing a price book that has a cover page and seven pages where I 
want the rows to repeat at the top and a final page.

I do not want the "repeat at top" to work on the cover page or the final 
12/9/2009 6:42:02 PM
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Try this:
1) present the Sheet by Page Layout (in order to show the page numbers a 
water marks).
2) Select the to be printed range from page 2 until page n-1.
3) Go to file > page definition > declare the rows to be repeated + The 
renge to be printed (from page 2 to page n-1).
4) After Printing all pages with the repeated lines + go and print page 1 
and page n - separately - after deleting the repeat rows definition.  

"wendi" wrote:

> I am publishing a price book that has a cover page and seven pages where I 
> want the rows to repeat at the top and a final page.
> I do not want the "repeat at top" to work on the cover page or the final 
> page. 
12/9/2009 7:06:01 PM

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