Restructuring text data in excel? Pivot?


I have a large sum och data in the order below:

Choice	Course 1	Course 2	Course 3	Course 4
1	Name 1	Name 3	Name 2	Name 1
2	Name 3	Name 4	Name 4	Name 3
3	Name 5			

I would like to structure it differently to the format below:

Choice	1	2	3
Name 1	Course 1	Course 4	
Name 2	Course 3		
Name 3	Course 1	Course 2	Course 4
Name 4	Course 2	Course 3	
Name 5	Course 1		

Is this possible? I have been trying to use pivottables without any luck.

Cheers and thanks,
11/26/2009 9:12:02 AM
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Pivottables work with numbers (sum of, max of, average of).  They won't work
with text.

And I don't understand how Name 1 can have both course 1 and course 4 as its
first choice.  I'm guessing that this is an error in your post--each person can
have at most one first choice, at most one 2nd choice, ...

If that's true, then this worked ok in my testing:

Option Explicit
Sub testme()
    Dim InWks As Worksheet
    Dim TempWks As Worksheet
    Dim OutWks As Worksheet
    Dim TempTable As Range
    Dim iRow As Long
    Dim FirstRow As Long
    Dim LastRow As Long
    Dim iCol As Long
    Dim FirstCol As Long
    Dim LastCol As Long
    Dim oRow As Long
    Dim res As Variant
    Dim myFormula As String
    Set InWks = Worksheets("Sheet1")
    Set TempWks = Worksheets.Add
    Set OutWks = Worksheets.Add
    TempWks.Range("A1").Resize(1, 3).Value _
        = Array("Name", "Choice", "Course")
    oRow = 1
    With InWks
        FirstRow = 2
        LastRow = .Cells(.Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
        FirstCol = 2
        For iRow = FirstRow To LastRow
            LastCol = .Cells(iRow, .Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column
            For iCol = FirstCol To LastCol
                If Trim(.Cells(iRow, iCol).Value) = "" Then
                    'skip it
                    oRow = oRow + 1
                    TempWks.Cells(oRow, "A").Value = .Cells(iRow, iCol).Value
                    TempWks.Cells(oRow, "B").Value = .Cells(iRow, "A").Value
                    TempWks.Cells(oRow, "C").Value = .Cells(1, iCol).Value
                End If
            Next iCol
        Next iRow
    End With
    With TempWks
        .Range("A1", .Cells(.Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp)).AdvancedFilter _
            action:=xlFilterCopy, criteriarange:="", _
            copytorange:=OutWks.Range("A1"), unique:=True
        .Range("B1", .Cells(.Rows.Count, "B").End(xlUp)).AdvancedFilter _
            action:=xlFilterCopy, criteriarange:="", _
            copytorange:=OutWks.Range("b1"), unique:=True
        Set TempTable = .Range("a2", .Cells(.Rows.Count, "C").End(xlUp))
    End With
    With OutWks
        .Range("b2", .Cells(.Rows.Count, "B").End(xlUp)).Copy
        .Range("C1").PasteSpecial Transpose:=True
        'fill in the data portion of this table with a formula like:
        '    MATCH(1,((Sheet10!$A$2:$A$10=$A2)*(Sheet10!$B$2:$B$10=B$1)),0))
        myFormula = "=index(" & TempTable.Columns(3).Address(external:=True) _
            & ",match(1,((" & TempTable.Columns(1).Address(external:=True) _
            & "=$a2)*(" & TempTable.Columns(2).Address(external:=True) _
            & "=b$1)),0))"
        .Range("B2").FormulaArray = myFormula

        LastRow = .Cells(.Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
        LastCol = .Cells(1, .Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column        
        .Range("B2").AutoFill _
            Destination:=.Range("B2", .Cells(2, LastCol)), Type:=xlFillCopy
        .Range("B2", .Cells(2, LastCol)).AutoFill _
            Destination:=.Range("B2", .Cells(LastRow, LastCol)), _
        With .Range("b2", Cells(LastRow, LastCol))
            .PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues
            .Replace What:="#n/a", _
                Replacement:="", _
                LookAt:=xlPart, _
                SearchOrder:=xlByRows, _
                MatchCase:=False, _
                SearchFormat:=False, _
        End With
    End With
    With Application
        .CutCopyMode = False
        .DisplayAlerts = False
        .DisplayAlerts = True
    End With
End Sub

If you're new to macros:

Debra Dalgleish has some notes how to implement macros here:

David McRitchie has an intro to macros:

Ron de Bruin's intro to macros:

(General, Regular and Standard modules all describe the same thing.)

Pete wrote:
> Hi!
> I have a large sum och data in the order below:
> Choice  Course 1        Course 2        Course 3        Course 4
> 1       Name 1  Name 3  Name 2  Name 1
> 2       Name 3  Name 4  Name 4  Name 3
> 3       Name 5
> I would like to structure it differently to the format below:
> Choice  1       2       3
> Name 1  Course 1        Course 4
> Name 2  Course 3
> Name 3  Course 1        Course 2        Course 4
> Name 4  Course 2        Course 3
> Name 5  Course 1
> Is this possible? I have been trying to use pivottables without any luck.
> Cheers and thanks,
> Pete


Dave Peterson
11/26/2009 2:30:46 PM
Excel 2007 PivotTable
With text.
No formulas, no code.
11/26/2009 5:31:53 PM

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