reseting toolbars incase of fatal error

Afternoon All:

I am working on a program for internal distribution.  When this progra
opens (through excel) the vbasic code disables all tool bars includin
the Menu bar.  Every step of the way, the user has an option t
continue or abort.  If the process is continued, when finished th
toolbars will be enabled.  If it is aborted, the code enables the too
bars and closes (w/out saving) workbook.  I sure as the su
rises in the east, that someone is going to power off, or ctrl al
delete to get out of this operation.  Is there a way, that excel ca
reset to default (re: enable toolbars).


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3/2/2004 12:42:38 AM
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Paste your toolbal restoring code to the Workbook_Open code section of


"kimt >" <<> wrote in message
> Afternoon All:
> I am working on a program for internal distribution.  When this program
> opens (through excel) the vbasic code disables all tool bars including
> the Menu bar.  Every step of the way, the user has an option to
> continue or abort.  If the process is continued, when finished the
> toolbars will be enabled.  If it is aborted, the code enables the tool
> bars and closes (w/out saving) workbook.  I sure as the sun
> rises in the east, that someone is going to power off, or ctrl alt
> delete to get out of this operation.  Is there a way, that excel can
> reset to default (re: enable toolbars).
> Thanks
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3/2/2004 10:19:45 AM

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