Recent documents don't display

Recent documents work in Word but not in Excel.  Not grayed out, but simply 
does not show any.
4/17/2010 5:50:01 PM
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Go to Office Button-

Go to Excel Options-Advanced, then go down to “Display”
In the first line “Show this number of Recent Documents” check the number & 
modify as you like.


"danappofc" wrote:

> Recent documents work in Word but not in Excel.  Not grayed out, but simply 
> does not show any.
> -- 
> Dana
4/17/2010 6:06:01 PM
Documents that you opened by double-clicking their icon will not show in the 
list. Only those that you opened from within Excel.

Kind regards,

Niek Otten
Microsoft MVP - Excel

"danappofc" <> wrote in message
> Recent documents work in Word but not in Excel.  Not grayed out, but 
> simply
> does not show any.
> -- 
> Dana 

4/17/2010 6:36:12 PM

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