rearrangimg data in excel2007 for merging into word 2007

Dear sir/madam,
I quite regularly have to create a list of numbered labels which are printed 
on a 10 label sheet in word 2007.the list of numbers is created in excell and 
then merged into the mailmerge area of word Is there a formula that I can use 
in excel where I create the list that will re order the list from 1,2,3,4… to 
1,11,21,31….dependant on the total number of labels needed
From the first “set of labels” to the “second set” assuming I wanted 30 
labels printed the formulae would have to take into account the total number 
of labels needed. The lising I create is like this for 30 labels
Page1     page2      page3
1    2       11   12     21    22
3    4       13   14     23    24
5    6       15   16     25    26
7    8       17   18     27    28
9   10      19   20     29    30
but I want a formula that will change this to
page1      page2      page3
1     4      2      5      3     6
7    10     8     11      9    12
13   16    14    17     15   18
19   22    20    23     21   24
25   28    26    29     27   30
can you help please
4/25/2010 4:19:01 PM
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