Re: Formula in MS Query #2

Thank you for your help. MS Query results in error "unrecognized function
name in MS Query", when I use INT(Filename.Time)

In MS Query, use the expression:  INT(Filename.Time)
This will return all dates with time set to zero.

Krish wrote:
> Unfortunately the format command wiill not allow grouping of the dates,
> since time is appended with date in every field.
> You could import the Time field in its Date/Time format, then reformat
> the column in Excel
>    (Format>Cells, Number tab -- Date category)
> Krish wrote:
>>I am trying to import external data into Excel spreadsheet. One of the
>>tables in the external data has a field "Time" for Date and time of
>>transaction. In MS query I inserted a new column with a new name and
>>inserted a formula Left(Filename.Time,11). The result came as "Dec
> 2,2003",
>>whereas I wanted this to show as "12/02/2003", in the true date format..
>>What function I should use to get the desired result from MS Query.
> --
> Debra Dalgleish
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Krish (9)
12/3/2003 3:31:10 AM
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