Re:Deleting sheets!

How does one delete a sheet.  

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12/24/2003 2:55:35 AM
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Hi TA!

"Live" use

Edit > Delete Sheet and then confirm.

By VBA? Why not use the Tools > Macro > Record Macro approach to see
the code that is generated.

Sub Macro1()
End Sub

But that still displays the alert requiring a conformation. If you
don't want that you can use:

Sub Macro2()
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = True
End Sub

Norman Harker MVP (Excel)
Sydney, Australia
Excel and Word Function Lists (Classifications, Syntax and Arguments)
available free to good homes.
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> How does one delete a sheet.
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njharker (1646)
12/24/2003 3:06:38 AM
Just to add to what Norman wrote:

Another way to do it manually is to right click on the worksheet tab and select

If you're just starting out with excel, you may want to open a test workbook
(maybe a copy of a real one), then right click on everything you see.

You'll see that most things have context popups.  My rule of thumb is whenever
in doubt, rightclick on it!

TA wrote:
> How does one delete a sheet.
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Dave Peterson
ec35720 (10082)
12/24/2003 2:52:48 PM

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