Problems saving excel file from outlook

I have an EU that whenever he saves an excel file from 
outlook, it will rename the file (by adding the number "2" 
at the end of the file "file2.xls") and it also changes 
all the embedding links in the document.  (The embedding 
link of F:\users\file.xls changes to c:\documents and 

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10/2/2003 8:43:07 PM
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Are you setting a Hyperlink base for your links?  See Menu 
> File > Property > Summary tab.  Put the original folder 
location there and when you move or save the file the 
links will not be renamed.  Also assigning a letter to the 
drive can cause problems (not everyone will have the same 
letter for that drive).  You need to use the real path 
name, if possible. Can not help with the Outlook save 
problem. It does increment as you say?


>-----Original Message-----
>I have an EU that whenever he saves an excel file from 
>outlook, it will rename the file (by adding the 
number "2" 
>at the end of the file "file2.xls") and it also changes 
>all the embedding links in the document.  (The embedding 
>link of F:\users\file.xls changes to c:\documents and 
10/2/2003 9:56:16 PM

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