Problem with Page Numbering

 I am using Excel 2000.  I posted this questions last week without anyone 
responding so I am trying again.

I am having a problem with page numbering on a worksheet.  My worksheet has
11 tabs.  Each tab has 2 different charts. In the beginning I put the code 
for today's date in the footer.  Then I was asked to number the pages.  So I 
deleted the date code and replace it with page number in the footer of the 
documents.  The first time I did this, I highlighted all of the tabs and 
added a footer (from the view commad) with "page" and the code for the page 
no.  When I printed the 11 pages (highlighted all the tabs and printed), each 
page printed with the correct page no. Ex:  page 1, page 2, page 
11.  The next time I printed the pages, doing it the same way, each page came 
out as page 1.  Then all of a sudden the page numbers disappeared and the 
date code returned on some of the tabs.  This kept going on back and forth.  
One time I would get the correct page numbers and the next time everything 
was page 1 or I would get the date code instead or a combination of both.  
After each change I saved all of the tabs as a group and/or individually.

So I went in to each tab separately, deleted the codes and typed "Page" and 
added the page no code.  The same thing happened as noted above.  Then I went 
to each tab again separately and deleted the codes and actually typed "Page 
and the Page no. ( 1,2,3,...11)"  Again sometimes this worked and did not 
work at other times.  So I said forget it and deleted the codes in the 
footer.  I then went to the header added typed "page and individual page nos 
to each tab.).  Again I print my charts out one time and everything is fine 
the next time I get everything with page 1 for every page.  When I print, I 
highlight all of the tabs, and hit the print button.  

Does anyone have any idea as to what is happening.  I have to print these 
charts 2-3 times a month and its gets frustrating when people keep telling me 
that the page numbers are not right.  And it is a pain in the b___ to have to 
re-type the page numbers everytime I print the report.  Does anyone have any 


Aurora (32)
11/21/2005 2:10:16 PM
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