Problem with nested subtotals, placing secondary subtotals BELOW .

I some but not all spreadsheets, my nested subtotal (slsperson) is placed 
below the primary subtotal (branch). It has only happened to me since 
upgrading to Excel 2003.  

I sort by Branch, slsperson, customer. Then Primary subtotal is branch 
(checks on replace current subtotals and summary below) and all is fine. Then 
when I do subtotal on Slsperson it will place (above items unchecked) the 
slsperson subtotal BELOW the branch. And also the levels (1,2,3) are not 
displaying properly.

Does anyone have a suggestion for me?
Cameron1 (18)
6/3/2005 2:38:01 PM
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Multilevel subtotals are in the wrong position in Excel 2002 and in Excel 2003;en-us;831824

Dawn Cameron wrote:
> I some but not all spreadsheets, my nested subtotal (slsperson) is placed
> below the primary subtotal (branch). It has only happened to me since
> upgrading to Excel 2003.
> I sort by Branch, slsperson, customer. Then Primary subtotal is branch
> (checks on replace current subtotals and summary below) and all is fine. Then
> when I do subtotal on Slsperson it will place (above items unchecked) the
> slsperson subtotal BELOW the branch. And also the levels (1,2,3) are not
> displaying properly.
> Does anyone have a suggestion for me?


Dave Peterson
ec357201 (5290)
6/3/2005 9:13:28 PM

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