Problem setting BackStyle on Label

I have a problem with Properties on Label in particular, when added by
a script.

The sequence below works on CommandButton1 and Frame1 objects but
strangely with Label1

Public Sub addLabel()
Sheet2.OLEObjects.Add "Forms.Label.1", _
    Left:=100, Top:=75, Height:=15, Width:=200
End Sub

Public Sub nameLabel()
Sheet2.Label1.Name = "title1"

End Sub

Public Sub setLabel()

Sheet2.title1.BackStyle = 0
Sheet2.title1.Caption = "My Text"
Sheet2.title1.Font.Bold = 1
Sheet2.title1.Font.Italic = 1
Sheet2.title1.Font.Size = 12
End Sub

The one property that doesn't have any effect on the appearance is

However, the value *is* set when I look at the object properties.
Changing it manually
in the properties dialog also has no visual effect - the label keeps
it's white background.

Now, if I add a Label manually, I can set BackStyle to 0 and it
immediately becomes

What am I missing? By the way, I have the same behavior on excel 2000
and 2003
and on several different machines.

TIA - Lynn.

lynn5514 (10)
1/7/2006 3:07:06 PM
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