Printing slected items after using autofilter

Hi can any please help me ?

What I�m trying to do is to automate printing a shopping list via 
button and macro (code sorted for this ) printing a selected range fro
my worksheet.

What I have done is set an auto filter of the items I require and wha
I want to do is to print the selected records, however this list ca
get bigger or smaller dependant on the number of items selected. 

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated (Excel version 2000)

Please see attached bitmap

Many Thanks


|Filename: shopping list.bmp                                        


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9/29/2005 12:46:54 PM
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I'm not clear on part of what you wrote, but if you leave your print range 
blank, and then autofilter your list, Excel will only print what is visable.

"robertguy" wrote:

> Hi can any please help me ?
> What I’m trying to do is to automate printing a shopping list via a
> button and macro (code sorted for this ) printing a selected range from
> my worksheet.
> What I have done is set an auto filter of the items I require and what
> I want to do is to print the selected records, however this list can
> get bigger or smaller dependant on the number of items selected. 
> Any thoughts would be very much appreciated (Excel version 2000)
> Please see attached bitmap
> Many Thanks
> Rob
> +-------------------------------------------------------------------+
> |Filename: shopping list.bmp                                        |
> |Download:     |
> +-------------------------------------------------------------------+
> -- 
> robertguy
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