Prevent wandering users

Is there a way that I can 'lock' a sheet to prevent users from scrolling to 
the right or down the page?  I'd like to keep them on the form I've created 
and not let them move to the right or down at all.


cindee1 (6)
10/5/2005 6:46:09 PM
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If you hide all columns to the right and all rows below, the user can only
move around within the visible cells. You would need to protect the worksheet
so that can't change the hidden status.

On Wed, 5 Oct 2005 11:46:09 -0700, cindee <>

>Is there a way that I can 'lock' a sheet to prevent users from scrolling to 
>the right or down the page?  I'd like to keep them on the form I've created 
>and not let them move to the right or down at all.
anonymous (74722)
10/5/2005 7:13:34 PM
Tools | Protect Sheet (and limit users to selecting "Unlocked" cells only)

Make sure you've formatted the cells they're allowed to edit to "Unlock" 

"cindee" wrote:

> Is there a way that I can 'lock' a sheet to prevent users from scrolling to 
> the right or down the page?  I'd like to keep them on the form I've created 
> and not let them move to the right or down at all.
> thanks
> ~cr
BekkiM (14)
10/5/2005 7:20:02 PM

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