Planned Open Market Days

A spreadsheet named "NYSE Holidays" contains NYSE Planned Holidays for 2005 
and 2006; containing data in columns A and B:

New Year's Day	01/01/05
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day	01/17/05
Washington's Birthday	02/21/05
Good Friday	03/25/05
Memorial Day	05/30/05
Independence Day	07/04/05
Labor Day	09/05/05
Thanksgiving Day	11/24/05
Christmas	12/26/05
New Year's Day	01/02/06
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day	01/16/06
Washington's Birthday	02/20/06
Good Friday	04/14/06
Memorial Day	05/29/06
Independence Day	07/04/06
Labor Day	09/04/06
Thanksgiving Day	11/23/06
Christmas	12/25/06

Cell A1 in spreadsheet "SPX" contains =TODAY()

Cell A2 contains:
=WORKDAY(A1,1,'C:\NYSE Holidays\[NYSE Holidays.xls]Sheet1'!$B$1:$B$18)

Subsequent cells A3 through A421 copy A2, except the first parameter 
increments (e.g., A2, A3, ) as a result of dragging.

SPX column A now has all planned trading days from today through Dec 29, 
2006; and excludes weekend days and Holidays.

My first attempt specified =WORKDAY(A1,1,'[NYSE Holidays.xls]Sheet1'!$B:$B) 
as the Range; but this failed with a #NUM! result.  Apparently, Excel was 
unable to resolve a column as a Range.  And requires a specific starting and 
ending cell range as input (B1:B18).

Does this sound right?

silver23 (9)
5/2/2005 10:35:02 PM
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