Pivot Tables filtering data

Using Excel, I have query(using an ODBC connection) of all customer order 
detail over a two year time period.  The detail for each customer is 
different in that some customer have multiple orders, and the amount of 
individual sales parts they order may be 1 or 100.  My query gathers detail 
by order line item.  We were able to provide management with comparative 
sales data.

Now that we have shown this report to management, they want three things 
that I'm unsure how to provide.  1) Customers that are new in the current 
year2) customers that had orders in both years, 3)customers that ordered in 
the prior year that have no cy orders.

Using the pivot table funtion, is there any way to filter data, so that if 
both years are >0, then show those customers? To show if the difference 
between the data is positive or negative, only those customers, respectively? 

Remember that the line item detail in my query only shows one sales part, 
for one year's activity per row.

Thank you.

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1/7/2005 5:23:04 PM
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I've ran into this type of problem before. 

The best I've managed to accomplish is to display
- the years in down the left columns
- the customer # along the top row 
- and a count of the records in the data area
By manually viewing this  "matrix" of information you can visially see
the gaps and years that have orders. By using the drill down on the
subtotals you can inspect the records in greater detail. Granted, this
method wouldn't work for a large setup of unique customers but should
get you through the night on smaller data sets. 

I'd be interested if someone else has something else to offer. MS needs
to add more functionality to PTs

11/24/2005 8:41:59 PM

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