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I am currently trying to create a pivot table for datas that are found from different worksheets.(not workbooks

Other than consolidatating the datas (via copy and paste) onto a new worksheet and designing the pivot table from there, are there any other methods that i can use

If i consolidate the datas onto a new worksheet, then i would need to create links to the orginal source, and i do not want to do this.

Can anyone plse help

anonymous (74722)
11/21/2003 2:41:10 AM
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Choose Data, Pivot Table and slect Multiple Selections
you can select a range from the first sheet with the ref 
edit tool then add it to the list.

Select the range on the next sheet and add this to the 

When all the ranges have been added complete the Pivot 
Table as normal.

Good Luck
>-----Original Message-----
>I am currently trying to create a pivot table for datas 
that are found from different worksheets.(not workbooks)
>Other than consolidatating the datas (via copy and paste) 
onto a new worksheet and designing the pivot table from 
there, are there any other methods that i can use.
>If i consolidate the datas onto a new worksheet, then i 
would need to create links to the orginal source, and i do 
not want to do this. 
>Can anyone plse help?
anonymous (74722)
11/21/2003 3:15:49 AM

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