Pivot table drops columns on refresh


I have a spreadsheet with appx 100 columns and 500 rows, 
that we use as a source for 15 odd pivot tables.

When we refresh, about 30-40% of the time, it drops 
several columns.  20 of our columns are dates for the 
next 20 weeks of the year.  When it drops them from the 
table, it also drops them from any subsequent calculated 
fields, forcing me to recreate the sheet multiple times.  
Strangely, it drops the first and last weeks of the 
months, but not the middle ones.

Does anyone know of a way to get Excel to keep the tables 
from dropping fields?

anonymous (74722)
6/30/2004 10:37:20 PM
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This is a known problem with Excel pivot tables. I think it occurs when
the base data table is altered after the PT is made.

I think that if someone had found an answer to this we would know by
now. The Microsoft solution is to remove the problem columns from the
layout, remake the table, then put the columns back again.

I have a guess that this has something to do with how we remove rows
and columns of data - either by deleting them entirely or just changing
the data, which Excel has problems with in other areas.

I suggest that you do not remove rows/columns but just overwrite data.

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7/1/2004 1:18:23 PM

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