Pivot Table Charts


I have a simple pivot table, which changes in size hen data i
refreshed.  I want to create a bar graph which uses the info from it
but Excel automatically puts "drop-fields" into it with drop downs etc
wheras i dont want the user to be able to choose their fields.  How ca
i creat a graph based on a pivot without having "drop-fields" in th
actual graph????


Many Thanks.


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4/2/2004 1:33:32 PM
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On the PivotTable toolbar, choose
    PivotChart>Hide PivotChart Field buttons

jjj < wrote:
> Excel2000
> I have a simple pivot table, which changes in size hen data is
> refreshed.  I want to create a bar graph which uses the info from it,
> but Excel automatically puts "drop-fields" into it with drop downs etc,
> wheras i dont want the user to be able to choose their fields.  How can
> i creat a graph based on a pivot without having "drop-fields" in the
> actual graph????

Debra Dalgleish
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dsd1 (5911)
4/3/2004 2:08:45 AM

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