pivot table changes when data is refreshed.

I have a pivot table with grouping based on a field called "period
which is of date type. I have grouped it into months and quarters
However when i refresh the pivot table whenever the data (which is in 
seperate sheet) is changed, the groupings are going out. I want t
preserve the groupings as they are like a template. How do i stop th
changing the format  and layout of the pivot table whenever i refres
the data? any ideas? please help.

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11/26/2003 7:02:29 PM
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Intentionally or otherwise, XL does not retain all of the custom 
formatting applied to a PivotTable.  Two documented examples are:

XL2000: PivotTable Does Not Preserve Conditional Formatting

XL97: Formatting Not Retained in PivotTable

You might find more information by searching the MSKB.

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> Hi, 
> I have a pivot table with grouping based on a field called "period"
> which is of date type. I have grouped it into months and quarters.
> However when i refresh the pivot table whenever the data (which is in a
> seperate sheet) is changed, the groupings are going out. I want to
> preserve the groupings as they are like a template. How do i stop the
> changing the format  and layout of the pivot table whenever i refresh
> the data? any ideas? please help.
> regards
> Kiran:mad:
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