Piviot Tables

I have a few piviot tables that work off a large data 

one of the fields I use is "Acct #s"  I have about 200 
different acct #s.  I one piviot table I only need to 
show 2.  Is there a way to unselect (uncheck) all the 
account #s in the drop down so I can go back and just 
check the two I need.

Thanks in Advance
anonymous (74722)
12/22/2003 6:15:49 PM
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There are sample macros here that you can use to show or hide the items 
in a field:

Excel -- Pivot Tables -- Show and Hide Items

TO wrote:
> I have a few piviot tables that work off a large data 
> table.  
> one of the fields I use is "Acct #s"  I have about 200 
> different acct #s.  I one piviot table I only need to 
> show 2.  Is there a way to unselect (uncheck) all the 
> account #s in the drop down so I can go back and just 
> check the two I need.

Debra Dalgleish
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dsd1 (5911)
12/22/2003 6:21:40 PM

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