How can I delete all the extra pages?
And from where do they suddently appear?
Thank you for your help!
10/1/2003 8:15:06 AM
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Hi Sari,
If you mean  extra printed pages that are empty, it has to do with
your used range.    LastCell location   Ctrl+End

It is caused by inserting and deleting rows and/or columns,
and Excel not fixing it last cell indication.  Another cause might
be introducing spaces or formulas into cells so that what looks
empty really isn't.

You can use the   MakeLastCell macro at
to delete all rows and columns past active cell when you run the macro.

David McRitchie, Microsoft MVP - Excel    [site changed  Nov. 2001]
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"Sari" <> wrote in message news:1aef001c387f4$1f87a860$a601280a@phx.gbl...
> How can I delete all the extra pages?
> And from where do they suddently appear?
> Thank you for your help!

dmcritchie (2586)
10/1/2003 1:23:32 PM

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