page numbering #5

In excel 2003, I want to number pages that will reflect 
pages included from another source. example, excel doc 
has 28 pages, other doucments to be icluded are 10, want 
the excel to be paged 1 - 38. HELP!
anonymous (74722)
5/30/2004 1:03:52 PM
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You could try printing in stages, first one source, then another.

In that way, you can control the starting page number of each individual
source in XL by:
<File> <PageSetUp> <Page> tab,
At the bottom, change the "Auto" in the "FirstPageNumber" box to whatever
page number that you wish to start with.


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"isappb" <> wrote in message
> In excel 2003, I want to number pages that will reflect
> pages included from another source. example, excel doc
> has 28 pages, other doucments to be icluded are 10, want
> the excel to be paged 1 - 38. HELP!

ragdyer1 (4060)
5/30/2004 3:02:32 PM

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