Number stored as text

I have number stored as text.  It has a small green triangle at the upper 
left of the cell.  If I click on the cell it has a yellowsign with a ! and if 
I click on that a  menu and "convert to number"
   This works fine one cell at a time.

I need to convert columns the cell format has no effect on the column of 
cell I need to change.  I did un click the protect on the last tab.

sueanne (4)
3/2/2005 10:13:04 PM
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copy an empty cell.
select your range of offending cells
Edit|paste special|check Add

sueanne wrote:
> I have number stored as text.  It has a small green triangle at the upper
> left of the cell.  If I click on the cell it has a yellowsign with a ! and if
> I click on that a  menu and "convert to number"
>    This works fine one cell at a time.
> I need to convert columns the cell format has no effect on the column of
> cell I need to change.  I did un click the protect on the last tab.
> Suggestions?
> Sueanne


Dave Peterson
ec357201 (5290)
3/2/2005 10:56:59 PM

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