Not enough memory/Unable to save external link values


I'm getting two errors when closing Excel. First "Not enough memory"
then "Unable to save external link values".

I can understand the second one - I have a lot of links and since the
are formulae, the values wouldn't be retained anyway.

The file size is 439kb, and I've got plenty left on my hard drive. Th
machine does appear to be saving something despite the message. Th
file is currently open, am I safe to close it? What should I do?


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8/22/2004 1:53:14 PM
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I have the same problem.  Found this answer on another post (sorry th
answer isn't better): 

>Re: Save External Link Values 
>The not enough memory message is caused by too many >external link
(max is 16000 in a single reference: bypass by >breaking the referenc
into multiple smaller references)
>Decision Models
>The Excel Calculation Site.

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8/31/2004 5:06:19 PM

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