Not enough memory to open Excel

I have been using MS Office Excel 2003 for months.  Last week it worked just 
fine.  The last couple of days, I receive the following message:  "Not enough 
memory to run Microsoft Office Excel.  Please close other applications and 
try again."  I have closed applications, deleted files (included all 
temporary files) and I am still unable to open Excel.  I have been instructed 
to insert the original CD which I have done.  The problem is on my laptop; my 
PC works fine.  Any help would be appreciated.  I have used computers for 
years, but I am a novice when it comes to specialized stuff.  I haven't 
installed anything new since last week when the Excel documents were working 
fine.  Thanks.
Gary103 (266)
11/6/2004 12:30:02 AM
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see reposted thread immediately under this one

dmcritchie (2586)
11/6/2004 4:15:06 PM
David, I posted the item for discussion and I received a message "An error 
occurred while sending your post.  We're sorry but there was a problem with 
the system and your post was not received.  The error has been reported to 
Operations and will be investigated as soon as possible.  Please try again 
later."  I also received the same message when I posted this item.  I replied 
to the other post with another question and I received the same error 
message.  So I don't know (or didn't know) if these messages were/are getting 
through or not.  Sorry.

"David McRitchie" wrote:

> see reposted thread immediately under this one
> ..
Gary103 (266)
11/6/2004 6:41:02 PM

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