Need MS query to check Current Directory

I need to know how to make MS QUERY queries look at the 
CURRENT workbook Directory instead of the creation 
directory which it imbeds.  
I am NOT talking about the default directory in tool -> 
options-> general -> default file location.
Example of query MTHLYISSUE.DQY
DSN=MS Access 
SELECT MonthlyIssuances.IssuanceMo, Sum
(MonthlyIssuances.BookCnt)  FROM BookLend.MonthlyIssuances 
MonthlyIssuances  GROUP BY MonthlyIssuances.IssuanceMo  
ORDER BY MonthlyIssuances.IssuanceMo DESC

I need to edit this query so that it looks for the Access 
database BOOKLEND in the Directory where workbook (and 
database) is being used from (CURRENT directory) not where 
the original workbook was created. 

Each month the workbook and database are copied to an new 
folder, the database is updated, and new pivot tables and 
reports are generated from this.  I need to be able to 
give this to other people to run without them having to 
edit the query.  There are 6 others within this workbook

anonymous (74722)
4/2/2004 3:50:00 PM
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