Need Help #2

I have recently fallin' on hard economic times, I would 
really like you all to send me donations so I may 
purchase the new Office 2003 Professional Suite next 
month.  Please send funds to 
             Excel Guru
             P.O. Box 321
             Grosse Pointe, MI

Thank you.
9/24/2003 2:49:06 AM
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What's the zip code there?

>-----Original Message-----
>I have recently fallin' on hard economic times, I would 
>really like you all to send me donations so I may 
>purchase the new Office 2003 Professional Suite next 
>month.  Please send funds to 
>             Excel Guru
>             P.O. Box 321
>             Grosse Pointe, MI
>Thank you.
gwb1 (1)
9/24/2003 3:20:21 AM

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