Need easy way to remove time from a cell

I have a list of cells that have a date and time in each cell.  I nee
an easy way to remove the time, but leave the date.  For example, th
cell may have 12/29/2003  5:39:57 PM.  I only want 12/29/2003.  When 
try to format the cell, it looks correct, but the time is still on th
formula bar.  Any ideas?  

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2/16/2004 11:01:09 PM
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one way (if your time is stored in A1)
format this result as date

Frank Kabel
Frankfurt, Germany
"penroma >" <<> schrieb im
> I have a list of cells that have a date and time in each cell.  I
> an easy way to remove the time, but leave the date.  For example, the
> cell may have 12/29/2003  5:39:57 PM.  I only want 12/29/2003.  When
> try to format the cell, it looks correct, but the time is still on
> formula bar.  Any ideas?
> Thanks!
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frank.kabel (11126)
2/16/2004 11:10:46 PM
Thanks Frank...that works

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2/16/2004 11:28:27 PM

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