Need Count Formula Help

Hello, I'm trying to write a count formula. Column A has just names, many 
with "New Hire" as a placeholder for upcoming heads added throughout 2005. 
Column B indicates the hire date --- only the "New Hire" labels will be in 
the 2005 year. Then I have twelve columns representing the months for 2005. I 
can't figure out how to write the formula, to appear at the bottom of each 
month's column, to count the total dates that fall within January 2005, 
within February 2005, within March 2005, etc. Any help is much appreciated. 
Thanks in advance!


Corey (35)
11/23/2004 7:31:01 PM
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Nevermind...I figured it out. Thanks for your time anyways if you already 
started to work on this one.


"Corey" wrote:

> Hello, I'm trying to write a count formula. Column A has just names, many 
> with "New Hire" as a placeholder for upcoming heads added throughout 2005. 
> Column B indicates the hire date --- only the "New Hire" labels will be in 
> the 2005 year. Then I have twelve columns representing the months for 2005. I 
> can't figure out how to write the formula, to appear at the bottom of each 
> month's column, to count the total dates that fall within January 2005, 
> within February 2005, within March 2005, etc. Any help is much appreciated. 
> Thanks in advance!
> Corey
Corey (35)
11/23/2004 8:03:05 PM

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