Moving Parameter Queries

I have created a Parameter Query that imports transactions from an Access Database on my 'C' drive to "work out the bugs".
It works just fine, however when I move it (as well as the related dqy file and the database) to a shared network drive so that others can access it, it sends back an ODBC driver error message.  I am at a loss as to how to remedy this situation without recreating the query (very time consuming) at the new location

Has anyone run into this before

Any efforts will be much appreciated

5/17/2004 6:01:04 PM
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Sounds like a confused link - am assuming your query pulls 
from a linked table or query in the "home" data base.  If 
this is the case, you might try reconnecting the linked 
object from its networked location.
Another possibility (if it applies in your case) is a 
confused pathname in a macro.  IF your data is being 
pulled by macro action, check the pathname in the details 
of the macro step that does the import.  It must point to 
the network location rather than the original C: drive 
If I've misunderstood the problem, maybe more detail would 


>-----Original Message-----
>I have created a Parameter Query that imports 
transactions from an Access Database on my 'C' drive 
to "work out the bugs". 
>It works just fine, however when I move it (as well as 
the related dqy file and the database) to a shared network 
drive so that others can access it, it sends back an ODBC 
driver error message.  I am at a loss as to how to remedy 
this situation without recreating the query (very time 
consuming) at the new location.
>Has anyone run into this before?
>Any efforts will be much appreciated.
anonymous (74722)
5/20/2004 6:53:27 PM

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