More than 65000 Rows

Hello All,

Sorry if this has been covered before - couldn;t find a thread when
searching though..

Do you know if there's any way to increase the number of rows in a

Thanks in advance


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10/16/2003 4:27:12 PM
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The bottom line : No.

Be advised to back up your WorkBook before attempting to make changes.

>Hello All,
>Sorry if this has been covered before - couldn;t find a thread when
>searching though..
>Do you know if there's any way to increase the number of rows in a
>Thanks in advance

10/16/2003 4:56:31 PM

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Well, I don't yet have my copy of MS-Excel 2007, but I am happy to see that (in theory at least) the spreadsheets one will be able to generate will be much larger than the 256-column, 65,536 (?) row spreadsheets of the MS-Excel I now have. According to Microsoft: [Excel 2007 provides] "the ability to create single sheets of over a million rows and 16,000 columns." Well, I certainly hope this is true! It would be very useful to me. I wonder if anyone has tried to work with this feature? -- Brett http://www.FreewareFri...

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I have a spreadsheet with 12 sheets in it, one for each month of the year. Is there a way to insert a row on all 12 sheets at once or do I have to go into each sheet and insert the row one at a time? In other words, do I have to do it 12 times or is there a way to do it only once and have it affect all 12 sheets? Thanks, BW "bw" <> wrote in message news:0e7301c3a9f0$6e399ae0$a301280a@phx.gbl... > I have a spreadsheet with 12 sheets in it, one for each > month of the year. Is there a way to insert a row on all > 12 sheets at onc...

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