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I'm using Excel to query an oracle database.  When I go to Microsoft Query to 
edit my query, I can't view my criteria or tables.  I click on the view menu 
and am unable to select view "criteria" or "tables".  Thus, all that shows up 
in the screen is the data in my query.  This has happend to me before.  Can 
anybody help me?
ExcelGuRu (23)
3/23/2005 5:31:03 PM
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I was able to answer my own question.  It seems when query is complicated 
enough, you are unable to view the criteria, since you are now using SQL to 
query the data.  It seems that if you click on the SQL button and scroll 
down, delete the part of the query that is "too complicated", you wil then be 
able to view the criteria screens as you typically view them.  

"Excel GuRu" wrote:

> I'm using Excel to query an oracle database.  When I go to Microsoft Query to 
> edit my query, I can't view my criteria or tables.  I click on the view menu 
> and am unable to select view "criteria" or "tables".  Thus, all that shows up 
> in the screen is the data in my query.  This has happend to me before.  Can 
> anybody help me?
ExcelGuRu (23)
3/23/2005 6:15:04 PM

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