matching contents #2

E1 thru E10 contains sequentially-sorted data.  B1 thru B6 contains
sequentially-sorted data which matches SOME (but not ALL) of the data
in Col A.  For example.

       B    E
1      1    1
2      3    2
3      4    3
4      5    4
5      6    5
6     10    6
7           7
8           8
9           9
10         10

I need to move the data in the cells in Col B next to the cells in
Col E that have the same contents.  For example:

       B    E
1      1    1
2           2
3      3    3
4      4    4
5      5    5
6      6    6
7           7
8           8
9           9
10    10   10

Besides dragging and dropping, is there a better way to do this?

(In my actual spreadsheet, Col B contains 718 cells and Col E
contains 65,530 cells).

gcotterl (63)
6/29/2005 5:15:23 AM
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<> wrote in message
> E1 thru E10 contains sequentially-sorted data.  B1 thru B6 contains
> sequentially-sorted data which matches SOME (but not ALL) of the data
> in Col A.  For example.
>        B    E
> 1      1    1
> 2      3    2
> 3      4    3
> 4      5    4
> 5      6    5
> 6     10    6
> 7           7
> 8           8
> 9           9
> 10         10
> I need to move the data in the cells in Col B next to the cells in
> Col E that have the same contents.  For example:
>        B    E
> 1      1    1
> 2           2
> 3      3    3
> 4      4    4
> 5      5    5
> 6      6    6
> 7           7
> 8           8
> 9           9
> 10    10   10
> Besides dragging and dropping, is there a better way to do this?
> (In my actual spreadsheet, Col B contains 718 cells and Col E
> contains 65,530 cells).

6/29/2005 6:41:40 AM

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