Macros for worksheet copy & paste?

I have 6 different excel files. How can I combine all 6 
of them in one single excel file under individual 
worksheets (E.g. Worksheet1 for File1, worksheet2 for 
File2 ....etc)? I do not wish to copy & paste it 
manually. Can I use a macro to take care of it? If so, 
where can I find further info on how to go about it? 
wendy_wrp (1)
9/23/2003 4:47:32 AM
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Assuming (1) this is a one-time need, and (2) your workbooks have 
only one sheet each, this would probably be faster done by hand:

1) With all the files open choose one of the files to be the 
receiving file.

2) Select the sheet in the subsequent books, one at a time, and 
choose Edit/Move or Copy Sheet...

3) In the dialog that opens, choose your destination book from the 
dropdown (you can also choose to create a new book). Select the 
postion in the destination book that the sheet should be copied to. 
Check the make copy checkbox if you want to leave your original 
files intact.

4) Save your combined book.

In article <0b8a01c3818d$ccd35680$a401280a@phx.gbl>,
 "Wendy W" <> wrote:

> I have 6 different excel files. How can I combine all 6 
> of them in one single excel file under individual 
> worksheets (E.g. Worksheet1 for File1, worksheet2 for 
> File2 ....etc)? I do not wish to copy & paste it 
> manually. Can I use a macro to take care of it? If so, 
> where can I find further info on how to go about it? 
jemcgimpsey (6723)
9/23/2003 4:59:00 AM

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