Linking Combo box to pivot table?

Hi All,

I have a pivot table which has teams on the left, months on the top and a 
count of the calls in the data area.

What I would love is that if I could have a combo box on a worksheet which 
when I select a team from its list it only shows me that teams data in the 
pivot table.

Is this possible please??

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adam1685 (340)
11/26/2004 10:01:28 AM
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You could move Team to the page area of the pivot table.
Select a team, and the pivot table will only show its data.

Adam wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have a pivot table which has teams on the left, months on the top and a 
> count of the calls in the data area.
> What I would love is that if I could have a combo box on a worksheet which 
> when I select a team from its list it only shows me that teams data in the 
> pivot table.
> Is this possible please??

Debra Dalgleish
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dsd1 (5911)
11/26/2004 1:09:36 PM

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