Large txt file import macro

 I asked a longtime ago for a macro to allow large text 
files to be imported over several sheets within one work 
book, this worked great, however my machine has been 
rebuilt and I failed to keep the macro, 

can some nice person please supply a link again .

Many thx
anonymous (74722)
9/15/2004 10:37:55 AM
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The usual code is below.

MS Excel MVP

Sub LargeFileImport()
'Dimension Variables
Dim ResultStr As String
Dim FileName As String
Dim FileNum As Integer
Dim Counter As Double
'Ask User for File's Name
FileName = Application.GetOpenFilename
'Check for no entry
If FileName = "" Then End
'Get Next Available File Handle Number
FileNum = FreeFile()
'Open Text File For Input
Open FileName For Input As #FileNum
'Turn Screen Updating Off
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
'Create A New WorkBook With One Worksheet In It
Workbooks.Add Template:=xlWorksheet
'Set The Counter to 1
Counter = 1
'Loop Until the End Of File Is Reached
Do While Seek(FileNum) <= LOF(FileNum)
'Display Importing Row Number On Status Bar
Application.StatusBar = "Importing Row " & _
Counter & " of text file " & FileName
'Store One Line Of Text From File To Variable
Line Input #FileNum, ResultStr
'Store Variable Data Into Active Cell
If Left(ResultStr, 1) = "=" Then
ActiveCell.Value = "'" & ResultStr
ActiveCell.Value = ResultStr
End If
'For xl95 change 65536 to 16384
If ActiveCell.Row = 65536 Then
'If On The Last Row Then Add A New Sheet
'If Not The Last Row Then Go One Cell Down
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
End If
'Increment the Counter By 1
Counter = Counter + 1
'Start Again At Top Of 'Do While' Statement
'Close The Open Text File
'Remove Message From Status Bar
Application.StatusBar = False
End Sub

"Larryl" <> wrote in message
> All,
>  I asked a longtime ago for a macro to allow large text
> files to be imported over several sheets within one work
> book, this worked great, however my machine has been
> rebuilt and I failed to keep the macro,
> can some nice person please supply a link again .
> Many thx
> Larry.

9/15/2004 12:38:33 PM

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