Keeping Running Totals?

Greeting.  I have a spreadsheet that I have created for a flight lo
that totals aircraft hours and things like that.

The sheet I created is file named flightlog.  It has only 1 sheet.  I
it possible to have excel take that total from lets say Cell A3 of 
sheet and put it in to Cell A1 of a new file with the same sheet? O
take that info and have it automatically create another sheet in th
workbook each time I fly and put that info from A3 into A1 of the ne
sheet without me having to do anything?  If this is possible, when i
creates a new sheet, will it automatically give it a new name or wil
it just be called sheet 2? I hope this all makes sense.  Thanks i

Miles Ree

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11/8/2004 10:50:25 PM
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I understand that you would like running totals, but could you be a
little more specific as to what exactly you are looking to do?

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11/8/2004 11:00:14 PM

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