isna vlookup


I'm using this vlookup to get values from a sheet 
named "sub": VLOOKUP(R1,sub!$J$1:$K$18,2,FALSE)
 and t works. But when "R1" is not in the lookup table 
sub!$J$1:$K$18 I get an #N/A as a result and I changed 
the vlookup formula to:
(R1,sub!$J$1:$K$18,2,FALSE)) to avoid #N/A but now I 
receive an error message for the formula. 
Is there anybody who knows how to fix this problem? 

anonymous (74722)
4/3/2005 7:45:25 AM
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Tim wrote:
> Hi
> I'm using this vlookup to get values from a sheet 
> named "sub": VLOOKUP(R1,sub!$J$1:$K$18,2,FALSE)
>  and t works. But when "R1" is not in the lookup table 
> sub!$J$1:$K$18 I get an #N/A as a result and I changed 
> the vlookup formula to:
>  =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(R1,sub!$J$1:$K$18,2,FALSE),"",VLOOKUP
> (R1,sub!$J$1:$K$18,2,FALSE)) to avoid #N/A but now I 
> receive an error message for the formula. 
> Is there anybody who knows how to fix this problem? 

A paren is missing:

akyurek (248)
4/3/2005 8:27:25 AM
Thank you Aladin.

anonymous (74722)
4/3/2005 10:23:05 AM

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