Interest/Principle calculations not working

I'm trying to set up a simple spreadsheet that will show 
car loan payments over 48 months, using the PMT and IPMT 
Paste Functions.  I have three columns showing Interest, 
Principle and Balance Due.  I'm dividing the Int. by 12, 
but the balance keeps getting to 0 at payment 45, not 48.
Any ideas?
anonymous (74722)
12/15/2003 4:37:17 PM
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You might have to post more details, Kristen.  Like in A1 I have 20,000 and
in B1 this formula =xxx and C3 this one =yyy, etc.

Jim Rech
Excel MVP

jrrech (1932)
12/15/2003 6:36:20 PM
I fixed it!  I was thinking I had to feed the new lower 
balance back into the IMPT Paste Function every time it 
recalculated, while I should have been using the original 
principle.  Thanks.
>-----Original Message-----
>You might have to post more details, Kristen.  Like in A1 
I have 20,000 and
>in B1 this formula =xxx and C3 this one =yyy, etc.
>Jim Rech
>Excel MVP
anonymous (74722)
12/15/2003 7:07:14 PM

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