Inserting object

Is there any macro that will allow the use of the insert picture from 
scanner?  I have tried to use the recorder but it never recorded anything 
when I used it.

Any help would be great



laptopgb (91)
9/7/2005 4:06:35 PM
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dear friend if u can insert picture from menu for Exp:
insert menu
Picture ---> from Scanner or Camera
if u have such useful command available so whyy u want to try macro.
after u try from insert menu it may work out for u but first install the 
good luck !!!!!!!
"Greg B" wrote:

> Is there any macro that will allow the use of the insert picture from 
> scanner?  I have tried to use the recorder but it never recorded anything 
> when I used it.
> Any help would be great
> Thanks
> Greg 
9/8/2005 4:34:03 AM

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