index & match month

I would like a formula that would match any month I want. IF statements have 
a max of 7 criteria and I need more than that.

I would like to enter a month in another spreadsheet and return the data for 
that month from the data worksheet.

 Type 	 Jan 	 Feb 	 Mar 	 Apr 	 May 	 Jun 	 Jul 	 Aug 	 Sep 	 Oct 
 LR 	 87.55 	 126.77 	 111.63 	 174.66 	 132.49 	 117.70 	 135.82 	 203.85 	 
184.11 	 177.43 
 PC 	 3.91 			 1.90 	 6.63 	 15.33 		 23.54 	 126.09 	 116.21 
 RE 	 98.23 	 29.75 		 17.27 	 5.52 			 10.25 	 -   	
 SP 		 92.93 							 -   	

12/2/2009 6:49:01 PM
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Lets say you input type into cell Z1, month into cell Z2 (using same format 
as headers). Formula then becomes something like:

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Luke M
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"Charp" wrote:

> I would like a formula that would match any month I want. IF statements have 
> a max of 7 criteria and I need more than that.
> I would like to enter a month in another spreadsheet and return the data for 
> that month from the data worksheet.
>  Type 	 Jan 	 Feb 	 Mar 	 Apr 	 May 	 Jun 	 Jul 	 Aug 	 Sep 	 Oct 
>  LR 	 87.55 	 126.77 	 111.63 	 174.66 	 132.49 	 117.70 	 135.82 	 203.85 	 
> 184.11 	 177.43 
>  PC 	 3.91 			 1.90 	 6.63 	 15.33 		 23.54 	 126.09 	 116.21 
>  RE 	 98.23 	 29.75 		 17.27 	 5.52 			 10.25 	 -   	
>  SP 		 92.93 							 -   	
12/2/2009 7:10:01 PM

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