including blanks or text values in macro-entered formulas

When I try to use the following codes, I get error messages. How do 
get around the problem?

ActiveCell.Formula = "=if(A1=1,"",1)"


ActiveCell.Formula = "=if(A1=1,"High","Low")"

Thanks so much for any assistance


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6/25/2004 5:13:14 AM
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Just as in XL, quotation marks within a string need to be doubled (or 
use CHR(34)):

    ActiveCell.Formula = "=IF(A1=1,"""",1)"


    ActiveCell.Formula = "=IF(A1=1,""High"",""Low"")"

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 Matthew McManus <<>> 

> When I try to use the following codes, I get error messages. How do I
> get around the problem?
> Cells(2,2).Select
> ActiveCell.Formula = "=if(A1=1,"",1)"
> or
> Cells(2,2).Select
> ActiveCell.Formula = "=if(A1=1,"High","Low")"
> Thanks so much for any assistance
> Matthew
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jemcgimpsey (6723)
6/25/2004 5:23:27 AM
Thanks for that - I thought that there had to be a simple solution

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6/25/2004 5:41:21 AM

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