importing web page

instead of using this to go to a website how would i import it into excel.

Sub test()
ActiveWorkbook.FollowHyperlink _
End Sub

the other part is i have a sheet name created for each stock how would i
write a macro that says if sheet name is AAAA plug that into the web address
to import into corresponding sheet name. the following creates the sheet
name for each stock option downloaded and i want to import a matching graph
from yahoo.

For Each Symbol In SymbRange
         If Symbol.Value = "" Then
        Application.StatusBar = False
        Exit Sub

    Application.StatusBar = "Now processing " & Symbol.Value
       For Each Sht In Worksheets
        If Sht.Name = Symbol.Value Then GoTo SkipSymbol
    Next Sht
     Worksheets.Add after:=ActiveSheet
    ActiveSheet.Name = Symbol.Value
connectURL = "URL;"
If Range("A1") = "CBOE - Chicago Board Options Exchange" Then
    With Range("A1")
        .Value = "No options for " & Symbol.Value
        .Font.Bold = True
    End With
    GoTo SkipSymbol
End If


bjstrong (13)
7/25/2003 9:16:17 PM
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