importing multiple text files???


I am experiencing a big problem. As a part of my analysis for PhD I have to 
analyze more then 1000 files. The data that I have is in text files. To be 
more precise, I have 5 different data sets, from different meteo centres, 
each centre has a data set of 365 files for each day during the year. The 
format of text files is something as following:

Camborne Met. Office
WINDS rev 4.1
50.20 -5.30 88
02 01 01 00 00 23 0
29 3 35
07:09 (3.0) 07:09 (3.0) 06:08 (3.0)
284 284 65 65 400 400 23 23
12.5 12.5 1 1500 1500 35 35 400 400
43 90.0 43 74.5 313 74.5 
HT SPD DIR Radials...
0.101 9.8 113 0.0 0.9 -2.4 9 9 6 16 14 9
0.159 11.7 119 0.1 0.8 -3.0 9 9 6 16 13 9
0.217 12.2 118 0.0 0.9 -3.1 9 9 7 14 9 4

Each text file has in addition data for 30min interval for each day. So at 
this point you can realise how much data that is to play around.

My questions would be:
1. How to import multiple text files into excel worksheet. At least 365 
files (for one center) at once.
2. After importing is it possible to get rid of the headers between each 
data set for specific days. As shown above headers occupy first 10 rows of 
each reading, and are separated by $ sign.

Thank you so much!

This is really a huge problem I am experiencing and needs ASAP solution.


tashayu (1)
12/19/2004 2:43:03 PM
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