I need to un-save

I deleted 5 hours of data input, accidently, and hit the 
save button.  Is there any way to retreve this 
iformation?  PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Thank you!
tarasha1 (1)
9/7/2003 11:12:50 PM
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I hate to tell you this, but the data is gone forever.

Chip Pearson
Microsoft MVP - Excel
www.cpearson.com    chip@cpearson.com

"tarasha" <tarasha1@aol.com> wrote in message
> I deleted 5 hours of data input, accidently, and hit the
> save button.  Is there any way to retreve this
> iformation?  PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
> Thank you!

chip1 (1821)
9/7/2003 11:58:58 PM
In the future, to avoid this problem, there is a program you might think
about purchasing:



"tarasha" <tarasha1@aol.com> wrote in message
> I deleted 5 hours of data input, accidently, and hit the
> save button.  Is there any way to retreve this
> iformation?  PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
> Thank you!

ortizmro (27)
9/8/2003 12:33:52 AM

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